Our attendance goal is 93 percent. Scholar incentives include dress down days, pizza parties, pep rallies and morning shout outs to the winning class.

Truancy & House Bill 410

Unexcused absence from school (truancy) is not acceptable. Students who are truant will receive no credit for school work that is missed. In accordance with HB410 of the Ohio Revised Code, effective April 6, 2017, a student will be considered habitually truant if the student is absent 30 consecutive hours without a legitimate excuse (formerly 5 days); 42 hours in one month without a legitimate excuse (formerly 7 days); 72 hours in one school year without a legitimate excuse (formerly 12 days).

Excessive absence is when a student is absent 38 hours in one month regardless of excuse and 65 hours in one school year regardless of excuse.
A student will be considered chronic absent when the absence exceeds 10% of the school year for any reason.

If a student is habitually or chronically truant and the student’s parent fails to cause the student’s attendance, a complaint will be filed with the Judge of the Juvenile Court in compliance with State law and Board Policy 5200. Habitual or chronic truancy can also result in:
A. Assign the student to a truancy intervention program
B. Provide counseling to the student
C. Request or require the student’s parent to attend a parental involvement program
D. Request or require a parent to attend a truancy prevention mediation program
E. Notify the Registrar of Motor Vehicles of the student’s absences
F. Take appropriate legal action
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