Frequently Asked Questions

My child usually takes the bus home, but I need to pick her up today. How do I communicate this change to the school?
Call the main office before 2:00 pm so that the teacher can be notified of the change in transportation. You may also write a letter to the teacher indicating this change. Remember to include the date, your child’s first and last name, your phone number, and a signature.

My child has a doctor’s appointment and has to leave early. How will he know to be ready when I arrive?
Write a letter to your child’s teacher to inform her of your scholar’s appointment. Include the date, your child’s first and last name, your phone number, the time you will pick up our child, and your signature. This way, your child will be ready to go when you arrive, homework and all! Remember to bring in a doctor’s note so that your scholar’s early dismissal is excused.

My child has been out sick. Can she make up her missed work?
Bring a doctor’s note when your scholar returns to school so that her absences will be excused. Your scholar’s teacher will allow her to complete any work that was missed while she was ill.

I want to visit my child’s classroom. Do I need to check into the office first?
If you would like to visit your scholar’s classroom, contact the teacher beforehand so that the teacher can be prepared when you come. There are various ways of reaching out to teachers; you can call, email, or send messages on messaging apps.

It’s my child’s birthday today. May I bring in balloons, party hats, ice cream, and cake?
Birthday parties are not permitted at school, but snacks are always a nice treat! Contact your scholar’s teacher to discuss when you can drop off a small birthday treat (cupcakes, cookies, goodie bags). Birthday treats will be shared at the end of the school day.

How do I know if my child has homework?
Teachers either assign nightly homework or send home a packet to be completed though out the week, so check your scholar’s book bag and folder every night. Remember to read the teacher’s newsletters and other correspondence via messaging apps to stay abreast of events, activities, or any changes in the classroom.

How do I check my child’s grades?
Parents can log in to Infinite Campus to view their scholar’s grades. Infinite Campus also gives you information regarding missing assignments and attendance. You can access Infinite Campus by visiting www.warrensville.k12.oh.us/InfiniteCampusParentPortal.aspx. Follow the instructions to set up your account.

How do I find an email address for my child’s teacher?
Go to www.warrensville.k12.oh.us/staffdirectory_district.aspx.
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