12th Grade Aspiring DOctors Precollege Program Participants Eligible for Scholarships

The WHHS 12th grade students had a busy day on January 18 for Day 3 of the Aspiring DOctors Precollege Program!

Students kicked off the morning by stepping into the shoes of a physician and learning how to take a patient history and the value of open communication. Nurse educator, Pat Lambert, along with a few medical students taught the students techniques for interviewing and then put their skills to the test in the exam rooms. The high school students played the role of doctor and interviewed the medical students who took on the role of patient. That activity was followed by a lesson on the injustice of illness delivered by social medicine faculty, Dr. Sarah Rubin. Students learned about the social determinants of health and why health disparities exist among minority populations. Students then had time to meet with OU-HCOM faculty and students to find out more about their selected senior project topics. Dr. Chrissy Fall, Dr. Tracy Shaub, and several Year II medical students provided background information and recent research on several health issues facing the local community to guide students in their projects.

Before lunch, the students discussed life and school stressors and came up with ways to improve stress levels with HCOM’s Learning Services Specialist. During lunch, the high school students ate with their medical student buddies and caught each other up on what they’ve been doing since their last visit. To wrap up the visit, students took part in a team building activity. Groups of 3-4 worked to build the tallest free-standing structure using spaghetti noodles, tape, and string. The catch? They also had to place a large marshmallow on topwithout the structure falling over! Nina Jones, Davion Landon, Bionna Washington, and Mekelle Brooks made up the winning team with a 20 inch structure!

We are excited to announce that students who participate in all aspects of the 12th grade Aspiring DOctors Precollege Program will be eligible to be considered for the scholarships we have available. These have been made possible due to the generous donations of the City of Warrensville Heights as well as St. Luke’s Foundation. Students must apply for these scholarships.

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