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ODE State Report Cards
On Thursday, September 14, the Ohio Department of Education (ODE) will release district report cards. While our grades remain low, I want to inform you our district is improving! The report cards, based largely on state testing, are a small part of the work we do on a daily basis.

View Warrensville's ODE District Report Card. 

ODE data has shown Warrensville Heights City School District (WHCSD) has struggled for many years. Over the past two years, we have evaluated, analyzed and corrected many of the factors that made us a struggling school district. Our team of teachers, parents, scholars and community members have and continue to work hard to reshape WHCSD – a process that will take time. As you review the report cards, it is imperative you look within the data to truly see our results.

A May 2017 Huffington Post article, titled Student Success Comes Down to Zip Code suggests, “Once a school gets on their state’s ‘needs improvement’ list, they rarely get off.” The new ODE report card indicates we have Fs in various categories, yet as our data below indicates, we are well on our way to moving WHCSD’s overall performance out of ODE’s academic distress and on to a higher performance designation.

I am pleased to share highlights from this year’s report card:
  • In Reading grades 3, 4, 5 and 7, our scholars posted more than 10 PERCENT GAINS. WHCSD improved in 62.5 percent or 5/8 of all tests.
  • In Math grades 3, 4, 5 and 8, our scholars posted more than 10 PERCENT GAINS. WHCSD improved in 75 percent or 6/8 of all tests.

  • In Science grades 6 and 8, our scholars posted more than 10 PERCENT GAINS. WHCSD improved by 66 percent or 2/3 areas tested.
  • Grade 4 Social Studies and grade 11 Government both improved by more than 10 PERCENT. WHCSD improved in 50 percent or 2/4 areas tested.
  • WHCSD’s Performance Index, the calculation of the district’s overall performance improved from 52.8 to 59. This is more than a SIX PERCENT INCREASE. With a score of 60, WHCSD would have earned the next designation of academic achievement.

  • In the Progress Measure, WHCSD improved in 75 percent or 12/16 tested areas.
          District Overall - F in spite of gains in 12/16 tested areas
          Lowest 20 percent improved from F to C
          Students with disabilities improved from F to D

          High School - overall grade improved from F to C
          Lowest 20 percent improved from F to C
          Students with disabilities from F to D
               Middle School - overall grade improved from B to A
               Lowest 20 percent improved from C to A
               Students with disabilities from F to D

  • The Kindergarten to 3 literacy measure improved massively from F to C. This measures the following: 
          Kindergarten, first and second grade students who were not on track in reading last year and now are on       track in first, second and third grade, respectively. 
               Students who were not on track in reading at the beginning of third grade who scored proficient on Ohio’s                third grade English Language Arts test.

            We are providing the foundation to ensure our scholars are on track and reading at grade level.

  • The Graduation Rate improved from 65.2 to 76.9 – an 11.7 PERCENT INCREASE

  • In the Gap Closing component, WHCSD improved in ALL AREAS of closing the achievement gap between our scholars and others in the state of Ohio.
  • We have consistently worked to improve our Prepared for Success component. We have more scholars taking ACT/SAT, vocational and college courses. 
WHCSD is taking steps to continue our drive to increase learning and performance among teachers and scholars. Some of those changes we made this year are as follows:
  • Improved the learning environments in our current facilities: 
    • Reopened Westwood to reduce class sizes at John Dewey and Eastwood
    • Installed air conditioners in John Dewey, Westwood, Eastwood and Middle School classrooms
  • Hired a full-time district social worker
  • Provided school transportation for High School scholars
  • New leadership at Eastwood and the High School
  • In two years, replaced 40 percent of the teaching staff
  • Expanded vocational partnership to include Bedford and Maple Heights school districts
  • Invested in Naviance, a college and career readiness solution that aligns student strengths and interests to postsecondary goals, improving student outcomes and connecting learning to life
  • Added engineering courses at the Middle School
  • Expanded the four-star rated pre-kindergarten program at John Dewey
  • One-to-one technology in all schools
  • The closed Randallwood school site set for demolition spring 2018
  • Finalized plans for the $25M pre-kindergarten - fifth grade building that will break ground summer 2018 at the Randallwood site. The State of Ohio is contributing 32 percent of the overall building costs. There will be no cost to taxpayers. 
Keeping scholars engaged is essential to improving report card grades, which is why we offer so many supplemental programs. Some of those supplemental programs include:
  • ACE Mentoring
  • More than 20 Career Tech options (fire/EMT/graphic design/auto technician/ pharmacy technician and many others)
  • Advanced Placement (AP) courses
  • Aspiring Doctors Precollege Program
  • Dancing Classrooms
  • Early College
  • College Credit Plus
  • College Now Greater Cleveland
  • Progressive Arts Alliance Partnership
  • WHCSD-Cuyahoga Community College Health Careers Academy
Our mission is to create an educational environment that promotes curiosity, critical thinking, communication and collaboration while empowering scholars to be responsible, contributing members of our community, nation and world. To bring our mission to life, our goal is to empower our scholars to learn at their highest potential. WHCSD is committed to ensuring our scholars possess the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in a global economy.

“One Team, One Vision, One Goal” is our mindset as we continue our journey to excellence. You can see the change in our classrooms and schools. I am confident we will reach our goal by 2020 of being the best school district in the State of Ohio.

State of the Schools Address
Mark your calendars for Wednesday, October 4, I will give the annual State of the Schools Address. I will reflect on the successes and challenges of the past year and share my vision for WHCSD. The event starts at 6:30 p.m. at South Pointe Hospital’s auditorium (Building B). Registration is not required and all are welcome.

In Service,

Donald J. Jolly II