Academic Planning

Planning your Schedule
Planning your schedule for high school requires yearly self-appraisal. You must examine your interests and goals. In order to select a program of study appropriate for future career and/or educational plans, it is necessary to use this guide. This guide lists requirements for graduation, course descriptions, and other pertinent information needed to plan a high school program of study.
The principal has the ultimate authority to change course placement decisions for all students. This booklet is to be taken home for the information of both student and parents. All course selection sheets must be approved and signed by student and parents. The student should return a completed and signed selection form to his or her counselor. The school reserves the right to schedule those students who fail to promptly return the selection sheet.

Check out our complete High School Course Catalog 2022_ 2023.pdf to learn more our course options: 

  • Early College
  • Electives
  • English
  • Fine Arts
  • Foreign Language
  • Mathematics
  • Recreation
  • Science
  • Social Studies
  • Special Education

Frequently Asked Questions
Can I add a course after the school year begins?
Since there are a specific number of class hours that must be met in order to obtain credit for a class, students are only allowed to add a class if their schedule permits and if the addition occurs during the first three weeks of each semester. Adding a course requires the approval of the guidance counselor and teacher with the stipulation that all missed work must be made up before the end of the interim grading period. These types of changes should be completed within the first three weeks of the school year.

Can I drop a course after the school year begins? 
Students may not drop any course or courses that will result in a class load of less than seven courses per semester. After the third week of each semester, no student will be allowed to drop a class from his or her schedule. Class schedule changes will only be considered in the case of extreme circumstances and the following procedures will be followed:

  1. A conference between the counselor, teacher, parent and student must be held.
  2. If permission is granted and the request is after the interim grading period, the student will receive a grade of “F” for the semester and the grade will be used in ranking.
  3. If permission is granted before the interim grading period, the class dropped will be recorded as a withdrawal and will not appear on the permanent record.
  4. Administration reserves the right to make the final determination in all academic situations.

Can I change courses after the school year begins? 
Students and their parents should carefully consider schedule choices at course selection time, rather than after the school year begins. The student and parent are urged not to plan a program with the idea that it can be changed. Once a student selects his/her courses (verified by parents) the Guidance Department will not initiate a schedule change unless a compelling educational reason exists. No Changes will occur unless:
  • There is a technical error in the scheduling process
  • It is clear that the student is academically misplaced
  • Irresolvable conflicts

What are Tiger Tracks and how do I choose the right one?
Warrensville Heights High School is proud to offer multiple student-choice driven pathways, called "Tiger Tracks," to engage students of all levels of achievement and offer students an opportunity to explore STEAM, Career & Technical Education Fields, Health Science & Public Safety, Early College, and Business and Law. These programs increase student engagement, student achievement, and ultimately, college and career readiness. Each Tiger Track offers many opportunities to earn college credit through College Credit Plus and Advance Placement opportunities.

  1. STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math)
  2. Health Science & Public Safety
  3. Early College
  4. Business and Law
  5. CTE (Career Technical Education)
To learn more about each Tiger Track, download the Course Catalog or speak with your guidance counselor.
WHHS Course CatalogCourse Catalog 2022 2023.pdf

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