Buildings and Grounds

Master Plan

The District’s Master Plan currently calls for the building of a new High School, complete renovation of the existing High School for Middle School scholars, and the building of a super-elementary school at the site of the existing Randallwood school building. The overarching design plan was developed with significant community input along with cost opinions from the Ohio Facilities Construction Commission (OFCC). If funding cannot be obtained from the OFCC, the strategic plan will be modified to accommodate what can realistically be accomplished through internal (existing) funding.


The facilities of WHCSD provide a 21st century learning environment fostering student achievement, and teacher collaboration while instilling community and civic engagement.


Evaluation of Process:
  • The Facilities Committee has been formed and has already met twice with third and final meeting scheduled.  The Committee consists of a diverse group that includes curriculum, grounds, bus mechanic, athletic coordinator, and a building principal.  This task is 100% complete.
  • Development of 21st-century learning environments was thoroughly discussed at the last meeting of the Committee.  Involvement of teachers, and the instilling of community and civic engagement is discussed in subsequent goals.
  • The Board of Education has selected and approved of a Pre-Bond Architect to assist with project development and community engagement.  This portion of the goal is about 33% complete. 

Goal:  Engage the community in the facilities plan.

Evaluation of Process: 

  • The community has been engaged at a meeting to vote on one of several meta-design options presented by the Ohio Facilities Construction Commission.  The community decided on a single option (construction of a new High School, renovating the existing High School for Middle School Scholars, and construction of a new elementary school).  This portion of the goal is 100% complete.  What the community did not decide at that meeting was what LFI’s that they wish to have included with the understanding that they will pay for 100% of those LFI’s (e.g. new football stadium).
  • The Board of Education had to select a Pre-Bond Architect, whose responsibilities will include community engagement.  That engagement will contribute to passage of a funding mechanism to support the construction of both the buildings they already decided upon in addition to the LFI’s.  The Architect has been selected by the appropriate Qualifications-based selection process (per Ohio Revised Code) and the choice of Architect has been approved by the Board of Education.  Once this process has been completed, the Architect will work with the assistance of the Facilities Committees (both) to finalize community engagement.  Evidence of success and process will be when the community approves the selected funding mechanism at the November, 2018 election.  Currently, this goal is approximately 40% complete.

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