COVID Safety at Warrensville Heights Elementary School

Describe what the process and/or safety measures have been developed for returning to school?


8:15 am - Doors are open

Door 13- Car rider drop off

Door 4- Walkers entrance

Door 2 - Bus Riders entrance

All students are going into the cafeteria for breakfast. Students who are done or who are not eating will sit in the gym until staff pick -up at 8:50 am. Cones will be placed down with staff names for students to line and socially distance.


Students will enter the breakfast line and sit at a table - socially distancing markers will be on seats. 

When students are done eating they will throw their trash away and go to the gym and wait for teachers to pick up.

Hallway Transitions

Scholars will be escorted by an adult.

If a scholar is by themselves they will have a pass.

Younger grades will have a buddy and a pass.

Recess (if applicable)

Scholars will have recess (20 min) and then transition to the cafe (20 min.)

Inside Gym

Outside playground 

Outside parking lot

Adult supervision will be at the location to monitor and interact with the scholars.


Scholars will eat by grade level (20 mins.) and then transition to recess (20 mins.) (inside or out depending on the weather)





Adult supervision will be in place to monitor and interact with scholars.

Tables will be cleaned and disinfected for the next group of scholars.

Certain tables will be utilized to help with social distancing.


Masks and face-shield will be worn by the adults.

Masks will be worn by the scholars.

Teachers and Custodians will disinfect throughout the day.

Desks will be set up to maintain social distancing between the scholars.


Dismissal will begin at 3:45pm for scholars to get to their location and to meet siblings.

Door #13 (back of building) Car Pick-up/Daycare K-5 scholars that are not bussed.

Adults have been assigned to designated areas to assist the scholars.

Bus riders will remain in the class until their bus number is called and will use door 2 to exit.

Adults will be in the hallways, stairways and landings to monitor.


Limit the number of visitors

Will sign in and wait in the office to be escorted to their destination.


All staff are required to wear their ID badge in the building at all times.  The badge gives them access to enter the building, access to grade level pods as well as the elevator. 

All staff are required to wear a face mask while inside the school building.

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