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Dear Warrensville Heights Families:

Our scholars have shown their determination this school year by adapting from virtual
learning to in-person learning to continue their academic success. I am proud of what our
students have accomplished, and grateful for their families' support.

However, the fact remains that even the best online education can't compare to a quality,
in-person education, which many of our scholars have missed out on. Some scholars have
fallen behind their abilities, and some haven't advanced as far as they could have. 

That's why the District is offering the Extended School Year (ESY)--an extra 17 days of in-school
instruction for scholars from pre-kindergarten to twelfth grade with one-on-one teacher
and student time built around individualized learning plans for scholar's unique needs.
The ESY is available to all, and it is strongly recommended that every student participate.
Please review the Frequently Asked Questions below, and reach out to your child's
teacher for more information about the unique benefits ESY will have for your scholar.

The ESY Commitment Survey will open on Monday, March 29, 2021 and will close on
Friday, April 16, 2021. The link to this survey is here: 

Thank you for everything you do for your scholars. I look forward to seeing them strive for
greatness during the Extended School Year. Should you have any general questions about
ESY, please reach out to your scholar's Principal.

In Service, 

DonaldJ. Jolly

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Extended School Year (ESY)?
The Extended School Year is an additional 17 days of in-school instruction with certified
teachers for scholars from pre-kindergarten to 11th grade to address the instructional
gap that occurred during the fully-virtual start of the 20-21 School Year.

When is the Extended School Year (ESY)?
The ESY begins on Friday, June 4, 2021 and extends until Wednesday, June 30, 2021. School will be in session five full
days a week using the same arrival and dismissal times as the standard school year. All ESY scholars will have Friday
June 18 off from school in recognition of Juneteenth.

Why should my child participate in the ESY?
If your scholar fell behind during the 20-21 School Year, the ESY is an opportunity to review and master concepts on an
individualized tutoring plan. It’s best for your scholar to receive academic intervention before next school year because
concepts build upon one another from grade level to grade level. If your scholar didn’t fall behind during the 20-21
School Year, the ESY is a unique opportunity advance their skills to a new level with an individualized instruction plan.

Will the ESY be available online?
ESY instruction will be in-person only.

What will the ESY look like?

ESY will operate much like the traditional school year--after morning arrival, scholars will follow their school’s schedule.
The difference is that their schedule will include more time for one-on-one support in subjects unique to their academic
needs. All COVID safety features used during the school year, like face masks and desk shields, will be used during ESY.

What material will my child review and learn?
At the end of the fourth grading period, each child will be individually assessed for areas of improvement or excellence.
With this information, Teachers will develop individualized instruction plans for your child’s ESY. To help track progress,
every Elementary School scholar will receive a Standard Report at the end of the ESY. At the High School level, scholars
will be individually assessed and have the opportunity for Credit Recovery and improve their grades from the previous

Will District Transportation be provided?
Yes, all families living outside of the Walk Zone for each building can receive District Transportation.

Will lunch and breakfast be provided?
Yes, free breakfast and lunch will be provided to every child who opts-in to ESY. Please note that scholars who do not
participate in ESY will not have access to free breakfasts or lunches.

What grade will my child attend for the ESY? The current, or the next?
Students who enroll in ESY are considered in their previous grade level. However, material covered during ESY will vary
based on scholar’s individual needs.

Can I change my mind about enrolling my child in ESY?
No. Scholars who begin the ESY must attend all 17 days of instruction. This is to ensure that they receive the
intervention they require to succeed. Attendance and tardies will be recorded for the ESY.

If you have additional questions about the ESY, please call your scholar's Principal.

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