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District News
WHCSD Will host a Dedication Ceremony on Saturday, October 14
The Dedication Ceremony will be held at Warrensville Heights High School on Saturday, October 14, 2023 from 11 am - 1 pm at the Warrensville Heights High School. The community is welcome to join us as we dedicate our High School and Athletic areas to: 

Yvette Nicole Brown, The Yvette Nicole Brown Auditorium
Bradley D. Sellers, The Bradley D. Sellers Arena
William Merritt, Arena & Stadium Bleachers
Melvin Lester, Arena & Stadium Bleachers
Valerie Houser and Joseph Houser Sr., Arena Bleachers
Brian McConnell, The Brian McConnell Production Room
Eddie Chambers, The Ed Chambers STEAM Room
John Fuller, Arena Bleachers
Georgia Lester, Arena & Stadium The Georgia Lester Concession Stands
John Duplay, The John Duplay Wrestling Room
Stanley Miller, Athletic Fields
Fannie P. Dean, The Fannie Dean Recreation Center

Exciting Update: Yondr Implementation for a Focused Learning Environment

Dear Parents and Guardians,

We hope this letter finds you well. As we prepare for the upcoming school year, we are excited to introduce an innovative tool that will enhance the learning environment and promote better focus among our students.

In our continuous efforts to create a distraction-free and engaging educational atmosphere, we will be implementing Yondr – a technology solution designed to help students manage their use of mobile devices during school hours. Yondr provides locking pouches for mobile phones, ensuring that students can focus on their studies, classroom discussions, and interactions without unnecessary distractions.

Why Yondr?

We understand the growing challenges posed by technology distractions in today's learning environment. While technology plays a valuable role in education, we also recognize the importance of creating a balanced and focused setting for effective learning. Yondr offers a practical solution to strike that balance.

How Yondr Works:

Each student will receive a Yondr pouch at the beginning of the school day. The pouch is designed to securely store their mobile device, allowing students to keep their attention fully on their lessons and classmates. At the end of the school day or during specific class periods, students can easily unlock their pouches to access their devices.

Benefits of Yondr:

Enhanced Focus: Yondr will help students stay fully engaged in their studies, discussions, and activities without the distraction of incoming messages or notifications.

Reduced Disruptions: Classroom disruptions caused by phone use will be minimized, creating a more productive and respectful learning environment.

Promotion of Face-to-Face Interaction: Yondr encourages students to interact and connect with their peers, fostering meaningful in-person conversations.

Responsible Technology Use: Yondr supports the development of responsible technology habits, teaching students to manage their device usage effectively.

Implementation Timeline:

We will begin implementing Yondr at the start of the upcoming school year. To ensure a smooth transition, we will conduct training sessions for teachers, staff, and students on how to use the Yondr pouches effectively. Clear guidelines for using Yondr will be established, outlining scenarios such as classroom instruction, designated break times, and more.

We are committed to maintaining open communication throughout this process. If you have any questions or concerns about the implementation of Yondr, please do not hesitate to reach out to our school administration. We value your input and partnership in creating a positive and focused learning environment for all students.

Thank you for your continued support as we strive to provide the best possible education for our students. We look forward to a successful school year ahead.


Donald J. Jolly II


A Visit from Governor DeWine

On Tuesday, April 4th, Warrensville Heights Elementary School was honored with a visit from Governor Mike DeWine, Mrs. Fran DeWine, and State Superintendent Dr. Siddens in recognition of our outstanding efforts in literacy. 

During the visit, the Governor toured two classrooms, Mrs. Washington’s Kindergarten class and Ms. Graham’s Second Grade class. Both groups impressed our visitors with their engaged learning and knowledge of reading. A special thank you to the scholars and teachers who made our work shine during these classroom observations. 

The Governor chose to visit Warrensville Heights Elementary School because we were early adopters of the latest practices in literacy education that are being pushed state-wide. Today affirmed that the hard work and dedication of our team pays off. We started this School Year with the theme “Let Them Know”–and this visit is acknowledgement at the highest level.  It is the culmination of years of work from our scholars, staff, teachers, and administrators.

Thank you to Principal Takiba Thompson and the Warrensville Heights Elementary School staff in their efforts to build the foundation for language and literacy for our scholars. Their work makes the difference every day. 


Our Mission

Creating an education environment that promotes CURIOSITY, CRITICAL THINKING, COMMUNICATION and COLLABORATION while empowering scholars to be responsible contributing members of our community, nation and world.
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