Emergency Closings

Emergency Closings

How does the District decide to close school?

Is it a Calamity/Snow-Day?
Most people may not realize that the decision to close schools involves a checklist of factors that are considered before the final decision is made. Conversations are being had as early as 4:30 a.m. in some instances.

In the Warrensville Heights City School District, those factors include:
  • Are students who walk to and from school able to get there safely?
  • Temperature, wind chill factor, visibility, icy conditions and the clearance of sidewalks are all taken into consideration.
  • Are conditions safe for buses to pick up and transport students to and from school?
    • The Business Manager and/or members of his staff review the condition of the main roads and parking lots since these conditions are of the utmost importance in this decision.
  • Are school district staff members able to get into parking lots without presenting a safety hazard?
    • The Superintendent of Schools (or designee) is in constant contact with the safety forces in the communities of Warrensville Heights, Highland Hills and North Randall, as well as with the other area school district superintendents and their business and transportation departments. 
In addition, the Superintendent of Schools (or designee) confers with neighboring school districts to determine if weather conditions are widespread enough to merit closing school. The decision to close school due to inclement weather is made as early as possible to allow parents the maximum amount of time to explore child care alternatives.

Parents are urged to listen to local radio stations or watch local television for school closing details. As soon as the official decision a special message will be placed on the Warrensville Heights City School District website and social media pages.

The Warrensville Heights City School District does not have a late opening / early dismissal schedule. In the event that schools are closed, all school-related events (e.g. night school, athletic events, practices, concerts) in the evening are also canceled.

Note: Calamity days encompass more than just snow days and inclement weather.

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