Cell Phones, Safety & Academics Meeting Recap (Jan. 5, 2023)

Please see the attached documents from the Cell Phones, Safety & Academics Meeting held on Jan. 5, 2023.

This school year, administration has noticed an increase of scholar cell phone use in our schools that contributes to academic disruption and safety concerns. At Warrensville, your child’s academic success is our mission–and their safety one of our top concerns. To better facilitate learning in our schools, the Board of Education and administration teams are considering an updated cell phone use policy. 
Updated Cell Phone Use Policy 
Scholar Expectations: 
  • Cell phones may not be used in the classroom. They should not be seen or heard. 
  • Phones are not to be used in replacement of a charged, working Chromebook for access to academic materials. (If your Chromebook is damaged or missing, please inform your teacher so you can get it repaired or replaced immediately.)
  • Students can make Emergency calls on their cell phone, with permission, while in the office. 
  • Student CAN use their cell phones during: 
    • Breakfast, Arrival, Dismissal, After School Activities (Middle & High School)
    • Lunch (High School only) 
All classes will now begin with a reminder to put away all cell phones. Therefore, the following consequences will be in place: 
Second Offense: Cell Phones will be confiscated by the Teacher and returned at the end of class. 
Third Offense: Cell Phones will be sent to the Office for parent/guardian pick up only. 
Fourth Offense: Cell Phone will be confiscated, and parent contacted to pick child up from school for the day. 
Parent Expectations:
  • Support the Not Seen or Heard Cell Phone policy. 
  • Do not call your scholar’s cell phone during the day. They will not be permitted to answer. If you have an emergency, contact the office and staff will have your student call back immediately. 
  • If your scholar’s device is confiscated by the office, it is a parent/guardian responsibility to pick up the device. 
  • Update your Parent Portal information so that all contact information is current. Schools must have a working number on file. 
This policy will create peace of mind for parents and decrease the amount of academic and safety incidents in our schools. Thank you for your continued support as we strive to provide the best academic experience possible for your scholar. 
In Service, 

Donald J. Jolly, II

PDF Version of Superintendent's Letter: Cell Phones and Parent Teacher Conferences - DISTRICT MAILER - UPDATED.pdf

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