Arrival & Dismissal Procedures

Please ensure your scholar is on time and ready to learn every school day!

Kindergarten - Fifth Grade Arrival & Dismissal 
Car Riders Drop Off & Pick Up at Door 13
Bus riders Drop off and Pick Up at Door  2
Walkers arrive at and are dismissed from Door 4

8:15 am  Doors open, breakfast begins 
9:00 am  Instruction Begins
3:45 pm Dismissal Begins 
Students who arrive after 9:00 am are tardy, and must enter through Door 2 to receive a Tardy Pass.  

Pre-Kindergarten Arrival & Dismissal 
All Pre-Kindergarten Students Arrive and are Dismissed at Door 13. 

8:50 am Arrival and Parent/Provider sign-in, Breakfast begins
2:45 pmDismissal and Parent/Provider sign-out
Students who arrive after 9:10 are tardy. 

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